Afraid to make grammar errors in English?

Blessing Aladesanmi

I was afraid to make grammar errors in English because I thought people would judge me.

Just like me, 99.99% of Middle Eastern founders with weak English are afraid to make grammar errors in English.

You think that your clients, partners, and investors would:

- View you as a business owner who has weak English skills.

- Think that you are a local business owner.

- Judge you based on your grammar errors.

I understand you because I learned English as my fourth language.

I understand what you think when your clients tell you to repeat your words because they can't understand your words in English.

At times, you find it hard to explain yourself because you don't want to make grammar errors.

This makes you think that you have very weak English skills.

You think so much about whatever you want to say in English because you don't want to make grammar errors.

That is very good because you will make fewer grammar errors during meetings.

However, you think so much that you keep quiet because you can't form the correct sentences in your mind.

Also, this makes it hard to say what you have in mind in English during business meetings.

Did you know that you can think about your words and speak English confidently during meetings?

If you are a Middle Eastern founder and you are tired of being afraid to make grammar errors in English.

Screenshot these steps and use them in your next meetings.

1• Think about what you want to say in your mind.

2• Make sure you form your sentences with simple English words.

3• Avoid using difficult English words because you can forget those words.

4• Don't rush when you want to speak.

5• Don't think too much about your grammar errors and say everything you have in mind with confidence.

 6• Make sure you practice your business presentations and speeches well in English before you deliver them.

Two weeks before you deliver your business presentations or speeches in English. 

Use twenty-five minutes daily to practice how you want to deliver them to help you sound confident before you deliver them.

7• Negotiate deals in English even if you make a lot of grammar errors. 

Also don't ever let grammar errors stop you from saying everything you have in mind when you negotiate deals in English.

8• Read business books that are written in simple English words that you can read and understand.

Don't forget to use what you learned in the business books.

9• You can reach out to me for help in developing strong English skills that can help your business grow worldwide.

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