Are you confused about replying to emails and writing documents in English?

Blessing Aladesanmi

Fahad couldn't write replies well to emails in English because he didn't want to make a lot of spelling errors.

He tried to improve how he could write documents and emails better in English but made little progress.
Many Middle Eastern founders with weak English skills are just like Fahad.

You signed up for 2–5 business English writing courses, but you still find it hard to reply to emails and documents in English.

You are afraid to make spelling errors, so you don't reply to emails and documents in English.

You don't want your foreign clients, partners, and investors to see you as a local business owner who has weak English skills.

So tell me, how can you develop strong English writing skills for your business when you don't write in English?

You need to know how to reply to emails and write documents in English, even if you have weak English.

When you avoid writing in English, you can't improve your weak English writing skills.

You can't write in English once a week and wish to develop the strong English writing skills your business needs.

Do you know that you can easily improve how you reply to emails and write documents in English?

Follow these steps:

1- Use simple English words to reply to emails or write documents to make them easy to read and understand for your clients, partners, and investors.

2- Keep your sentences short when you write.

The longer your sentences, the more you can make grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

3- Remember to add full stops, commas, and question marks where needed.

4- Keep your paragraphs short so that anyone can read and understand your emails and documents faster.

 5- Write polite words, just like when you talk to your clients, partners, and investors in English during meetings or events.

6- Tell them clearly what you want from them right at the beginning of your business documents or emails.

7-  Use headings, bullet points, or numbered lists to arrange your written emails or documents for easy reading.

8- Look over your written documents and emails to make sure there are no grammar errors, punctuation errors, or any other mistakes before you send them. 

When you follow those steps, you can improve your English writing skills for your business.

Use those steps more than three times a week to improve your weak English writing skills faster.

Think of how great it will be for you when you develop strong English skills to help your business grow worldwide.

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